Pilot trip


On December 12-15, Kolejowy Przedsiebiorstwo Spedycyjne launched the first intermodal train, which, loaded with road semi-trailers, traveled the route Świnoujście-Wrocław-Świnoujście. It was a pilot trip, whose main task was to verify all organizational assumptions of the project. It was a very important test for everyone. This kind of transport was probably the first in the history of the railway in Świnoujście, in the history of the involved terminals and the railway carrier that carried it out. It opens up new transport possibilities, and above all it changes the already used "trucks on tracks" slogan into reality. The project involved, in addition to our team, the Świnoujście Ferry Terminal, EuroTerminal Świnoujście, Majkoltrans railway carrier, Schavemaker Container Terminal in Kąty Wrocławskie and Carmot and Mega Container road carriers. The sender of the semitrailers was the Norwegian company Bring Linehaul, and the wagons were rented by Swiss Wascosa. In the near future an analysis and evaluation of the pilot will be made, a lot of material is available for consideration, the organization of the whole chain will be improved, and bottlenecks will be eliminated. The next trains will go already in a fixed timetable, they will be a good alternative to road transport and, we hope, at an acceptable price. The pilot proved that the railway transport can be very fast and it can be assumed that after completing the modernization of the main railway routes it will be a great competition for car transport. We count on it because we have more plans. We are still looking for a good name for the prepared train.


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